Convos rocks!

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Convos hackathon on November 21, 2020

Interested in hacking on Convos and learning more about the design? We will have a hackathon on the 21st of November 00:00 CET, until 15:00 CET.

Local secret is more secure in Convos 4.20

Convos 4.20 has an important update - especially if you are running Convos in Docker.

Create your own theme in minutes!

In Convos v4.xx it is super easy to customize or create a theme.

Coturn for WebRTC NAT Traversal

This article will show you how to set up Coturn. This is a service that allows hosts behind NAT to communicate peer to peer with webrtc. STUN is helping to negotiate port/ip and TURN will proxy the actual traffic if all else fails.

Convos as a document and blogging service

A CMS in Convos? Why? How..? used to be powered by GitHub Pages, but it is now powered by "Convos Pages" instead. The CMS support was mainly added to make it easier to maintain our web page, but can be used by anyone as a generic CMS.

Video support in Convos v4.08

Convos v4.08 is fresh from the bakery, and this time we are proud to announce video support!

Theming support in Convos 4.00

Convos 4.00 made it a lot simpler to define custom themes. Previously you had to modify the source code and build your own version of Convos. This process was way to complicated and unnecessarily.

Merry Christmas and happy uploading!

Santa's Little Helpers have been working hard to bring you the 3.0 release of Convos, but it's all done and ready to come down a chimney where you live.

How to get Convos up and running on DigitalOcean

Not sure how to get your Convos to be truly always online in the cloud? Fear not: This tutorial will help you get up and running on DigitalOcean.

Convos is more user-friendly than ever

Convos has always been about making the most user-friendly chat interface for IRC networks. We wanted to create the easiest user interface to keep in touch with our friends and fellow open source developers. Focusing on the chat experience is still the main focus, but we also see that it is important for our users to be able to tweak settings in a convenient way. Convos 2.00 addresses some of these needs.

How to define custom styling for Convos

This post is outdated. If you want to see a more recent post about theming, go to Theming support in Convos 4.00.

Convos 1.00 is out in the wild

It sure did take way too long time, but I've finally managed to release Convos 1.00.

Convos got a built in pastebin

Convos has a high focus on privacy. Convos can be run on closed network, and no external resources on the public internet should ever be needed. This ideas was also taken into consideration when we decided bundle a pastebin with Convos. The pastebin implementation stores the data in CONVOS_HOME, meaning you are in full control of the data shared.

Convos version 0.99_33 is out with bugfixes

Version 0.99_33 has been released with a bunch of updates. Run the install command to get the latest version!

Convos version 0.99_24 is out

Version 0.99_24 is out in the wild. This release feature some cool changes in the user interface, but also some important bug fixes.

Convos version 0.99_21 is out

Version 0.99_21 is fresh from the bakery! Run the install command to get the latest version.

Convos loves Docker

We now have an official Docker file for Convos! The image is based on Alpine 3.5, making it very small and easy to install. You can get up and running with these commands:

We all like shiny things

It's been a while since the last post, but that doesn't mean there aren't cool things happening!

Add participants list and more

The stable branch has now been updated. Want the updates? Run the install command!

Fixed fetching latest messages on websocket reconnect and other juicy updates

The stable branch has now been updated with major bugfixes:

Convos 1.0 beta

We can finally announce Convos 1.0 beta! It is already running on, so if you're feeling adventurous you can try it out there.

"Convos revamped!"

Convos is a chat application that runs in your browser. It allows you to be persistently connected to IRC servers, where you can leave the office and up the conversation on the bus without being disconnected.